Visage Architect is comfortable with any architectural images that the client wishes for, but would ensure that the images will be stylised in the best possible architectural solution with consideration of all influential factors. Being young and dynamic, Visage has a vision to set recognizable style but however would not want to accused of immobility and inability to change.

Visage also ensures the continuity of the architectural design from inception to completion of the project. The rigor of Visage’s architectural further expressed through meticulous attention to details, which in turn conveys an expression of quality often lacking in modern construction.

Visage Architect is fully supported by CAD (AutoCAD) and all drawings are being produced on the computer for speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Visage Architect is registered as an Architectural Firm with the Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia and Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia.

Visage (viza; ) the face or look; elevation; composure; expression; countenance; humane, fit for human beings; friendly towards a smile.

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