The Architectural Practice of Dato’ Ar. Zainal Abidin Mohammed began in 1995 with the founding of Visage Architect. Soon after Visage’s establishment, the firm was already busy with numerous projects. With the assurance of out most commitment, Visage was given the trust and honour to undertake multi million projects ranging from residential, commercial, office complexes and public buildings located in many parts of the country.

Visage Architect is an architectural practice which believes that form and function exude the true spirit of architecture. Form could not be of any essence if it does not portray its function. It is of vital importance therefore when Visage is engaged as the architect, a study of the site, the building type, the circulation system and the human ergonomics are carried out to ensure the practicality of the project whilst not forgetting the creation of unique image for each building designed.

Architecture is also marriage of several other factors such as the legal and economics requirements.

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